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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Traditional african and christian response to childlessness as a family problem

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Answer Text:
Traditional African and Christian response to childlessness as a family problem:
Childlessness is a state of having no child in a family:
- This may be as a result of various factors such as:
-Infertility of one partner or both.
-Accidents, war and natural disasters.
-Misuse of certain drugs.
-Biological, psychological and health problems.
-In traditional African communities children are very important.
- If a man is impotent, it is normal practice for arrangements are made for his wife to bear for him through his elder brother, a friend or an age-
mate. On the other hand, if a wife is barren, the man is allowed to marry another wife or wives but the barren wife still remains part and parcel of the family.
- In Christian teaching, children are a gift from God (Psalms 127:3-5) Christian marriages are complete with or without children.
-Childlessness should therefore not create problems in a Christian family.
-If a childless couple feels strongly that they must have a child, they may adopt one following the laid down legal procedures.