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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Traditional african and christian response to separation and divorce as a family problem

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Answer Text:
Traditional African and Christian response to separation and divorce as a family problem:
-Separation is a state in which a husband and wife decide to live different lives away from each other after serious disagreement as they look for solutions to their problems.
- Divorce is a complete dissolution of a marriage.
-Separation and divorce in traditional African communities are highly discouraged. However divorce may be allowed under certain circumstances such as adultery, witchcraft, laziness and cruelty.
- Marriage is expected to last forever.
-It is a community affair and a wife belongs to the clan therefore divorce is discouraged.
- In circumstances where divorce is allowed, the wife’s family may have to return the bride-wealth to the husband’s family.
-Divorce or separation is not allowed by the church because it has a negative effect on the children.
- They need to grow up under the care of both parents because each parent has a contribution to make in the overall development.
-The Bible does not encourage separation or divorce.
- Jesus however, allowed divorce on the account of unfaithfulness.
-Christian families and marriages are expected to last forever “for better or worse until death do us part” Where problems arise in a Christian marriage they should be sorted out amicably in Christian love.
-The couple should seek reconciliation and peace.
- They should pray for their problems and ask God to intervene.