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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Christian views to contraception and why they oppose use of artificial contraceptives

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Answer Text:
Christian views to contraception:
Christians do not have a unified view on the use of contraceptives. Some are convinced that the use of contraceptives is morally wrong because it undermines what they conceive as the meaning of sexual intercourse. Some Christians oppose the use of artificial contraceptives because of the following reasons:
-They are an indication of the inability to exercise sex-control with regard to sexual activity.
-They interfere with the life-giving process, which is sacred.
-They encourage extra-marital sex.
Most churches however, agree that parents should be responsible and should bring forth the number of children they are able to support in all aspects of life. They also agree that children should be properly spaced so that the mother gains
her health before bringing forth another baby. The church however, recommends the natural method that is the use of the ‘safe’ period.