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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Traditional african understanding of the family

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Answer Text:
Traditional African understanding of the family:
-Many African communities believe the family was instituted by God.
-It is said that from the very beginning of existence, God taught Africans to make a family through marriage and procreation.
- Thus the formation of a family is a sacred duty.
-The traditional African family also includes the living dead and those yet to be born, This family is therefore a complex institution with horizontal and vertical dimensions.
-The horizontal dimensions consist of the already born living members.
-The vertical dimensions are made up of the dead and those yet to be born.
-The traditional African family is a socio-religious unit.
-It is within the family that all important religious and socio activities occur. For example, rituals related to naming, initiation, marriage and death are undertaken by all members of the family.
-Family relationships are strong in the African traditional society and entail obligations and rights which extend to all members of the family, both the dead and the living.