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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Polygamous family,its disadvantages and why most men prefer marrying more than one wife

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Answer Text:
Polygamous Family:
This is a family in which a man marries more than one wife. Polygamous families are common in traditional African communities. There are many reasons why men get married to more than one wife. For example:
-There is provision of mutual help and assistance among family members.
-The husband continues to get sexual satisfaction as the wives give birth at different times.
-Many children born in a polygamous family provide labour, security and defence to the family and the clan.
However, there are disadvantages in polygamous families: For example:
-A husband may fail to satisfy his wives sexually.
-He may fail as a father to provide love and attention to the children.
-There is tension and hostility in the home as the many wives compete for attention from the husband.
-The man may fail to support the family economically.