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 Form 4 CRE online lessons on the family

Definition of the family and what it comprises of

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Answer Text:
Definition of the family
-It is a group of people who are closely related to one another by blood, marriage and adoption.
-A family can be defined as the basic social unit of human society. In all human societies, a family comprises a father, mother, children, and any other members living. Ideally, a family has its foundation in marriage where a husband and wife begin a new life with the ultimate aim of starting a family through the children born to them.
-The goal of a family is the personal fulfillment of its members who include the husband and a wife, children and other members living as part of the family.
- The means for achieving this goal is a communal life which provides a suitable environment for the procreation of children and for their upbringing.
- The communal life of a family makes it possible for the provision of food, clothing, shelter, basic education, recreation, protection from danger, provision of good health, religious atmosphere and care of older members of the family.
-A family cannot exist without authority. For example in a nuclear family the father is the head. In an extended family the grandfather is the head.
-In a single-parent family, the father or the mother is the head.