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 Form 2 CRE Lessons: Jesus begins His work in Galilee

Why some people do not accept the teachings of Jesus

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Answer Text:
-Due to education and scientific knowledge that gives a different interpretation of the origin of life.
-Some receive strong opposition from devil worshipers.
-Others also lack faith in spiritual matters .
-Some are afraid of facing rejection or persecution .
-Worldly pleasures such as the desire to acquire more wealth also distract others attention.
-The existence of other religious beliefs such as Islam that does not regard Jesus as the son of God.
-There are also inadequate role models in our societies that others can emulate .
-Many churches also experience leadership wrangles that make others drop or move a way from the church .
-There is also different interpretation of the Bible teachings on certain issues e.g. on polygamy and alcoholism.
-High level of expectation from the church which others are not able to meet .
-Many people who call themselves Christians are hypocrites .
-Others are also discouraged by members of their peer group who may not be Christians .