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 Form 2 CRE Lessons: Jesus begins His work in Galilee

Lessons Christians can learn from their call

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Answer Text:
1. Just as Jesus called the first disciples, so God is calling people to serve him in various ways.
2. God does not discriminate. The first disciple peter,John, and James came from ordinary family (they were fishermen).therefore a
Christian should not discriminate against others.
3. Just as the first disciple humbled themselves before Jesus, Christians need to humble themselves before God.
4. Christians should trust the lord just as peter trusted in Jesus when he was told to put back the net into the water.
5. A Christian has to acknowledge, his or her sins, Simon knelt before Jesus, and acknowledged his own sinful state.
6. God can intervene in people’s life through interactions. Jesus wanted to share the power of God through miraculous catch of fish. Symbolized the many that should turn to God.
7. Christians who faithfully follow the teachings of Jesus Christ are assured of the God’s care and protection.