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 Form 3 Physics Refraction of Light Questions and Answers

(a) Figure 10 shows a ray of light incident on a triangular glass prism and white screen S placed after the prism.
(i) Complete the path of the ray through the prism to show how a spectrum is formed on the screen.
(ii) A thermometer with a blackened bulb is placed at various parts of the spectrum.
State with reason, the region where the thermometer indicates the highest reading.
(b) A pin is placed at the bottom of a beaker of depth 11.5cm. The beaker is then filled with kerosene. By using another pin on the side
of the beaker and observing from the top, the distance of the image of the pin in the beaker is found to be 3.5cm from the bottom.
Determine the refractive index of kerosene.

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