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 Form 1 Chemistry Simple Classification of Substances Questions and Answers

(a) The diagram below spots of pure substance A, B and C on a chromatography paper. Spot D is that of a mixture.
After development, A,B and C were found to have moved 8 cm, 3 cm and 6cm respectively. D was separated into two spots which had moved 6 cm and
8 cm.
(i) On the diagram
I. Label the baseline
II. Show the positions of all the spots after development.
(ii) Identify the substances present in the mixture D
(b) Describe how solid ammonium chloride can be separated from a solid mixture of ammonium chloride and anhydrous calcium chloride
(c) The table below shows liquids that are miscible and those are immiscible
Use the information given to answer the questions that follow.
(i) Name the method that can be used to separate L1 and L3 from a mixture of two.
(ii) Describe how a mixture of L2 and L4 can be separated.

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