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 Form 4 Physics Uniform Circular Motion Questions and Answers

a).State what is meant by centripetal acceleration. b).Figure 12 shows masses A, B and C placed at different points on a rotating table. The angular velocity ‘w’ of the table can be varied.
i).State two factors that determine whether a particular mass slides off the table or not. ii).It is found that the masses slide off at angular velocity #W_A# ,#W_B# and #W_C# respectively. Arrange them in decreasing order. c).A block of mass 200g is placed on a frictionless rotating table while fixed to the Centre of the table by a thin thread. The distance between the
Centre and of the table and the block is 15cm.If the maximum tension the thread can withstand is 5.6N, Determine the maximum angular velocity the block can attain before the thread cuts.

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Answer Text:
a) The rate of change of angular velocity with time.
b).i).-Roughness or smoothness of the surface
-Radius of the path.
-Angular velocity or speed.
ii) #W_A > W_B >W_C#
c).The centripetal force is provided by the tension of the thread
5.6 = #momega^2 r#
5.6 = #0.2 times omega^2 times 0.15#
#W = sqrt 5.6/(0.2 times 0.15)# = 13.66 rad/s.