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 Form 4 Physics Uniform Circular Motion Questions and Answers

a).When a bus goes round a bend on a flat road, it experiences a centripetal force. State what provides the centripetal force.
b).State the purpose of banking roads at the bends.
c).A student whirls a stone of mass 0.2Kg tied to a string of length 0.4m in a vertical plane at a constant speed of 2 revolutions per second.(Take
acceleration due to gravity, #g= 10ms^2# )
i) State two forces acting on the stone when it is at the highest point.
ii) Determine; I.Angular velocity of the stone. II. Tension in the string when the stone is at the highest point.

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Answer Text:
a).Frictional force between the tyres and the road.
b).So that the reaction of the road can also provide centripetal force.
ii).I. #omega =2 pif# = 2 x 3.142 x 2 = 12.568 rad/s.
II. T = #momega^2r# – mg.
0.2 x 12.5682 x 0.4 – 0.2 x 10.
12.6364-2 =10.6364N.