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 Form 2 CRE: The Infancy and Early Life of Jesus Lessons

The Birth of Jesus Christ:
The birth of Jesus took place in Bethlehem the city of David during the reign of Emperor Augustus Caesar. A census had been ordered by the emperor. Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem the birth place of Jesus. When the time came for her to have her child,
there was no place available to her for the entire place available had been booked. She gave birth and laid the child in a manger and wrapped him with clothes. In that region, there were shepherds looking after their flock; the angel of the Lord appeared to them, shepherds got scared but the angel told them not to be afraid, he had
good news for them. The good news would bring great joy to all the people. The Messiah had been born in David’s town. They would go into the town and would find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Suddenly an army of heavenly angels appeared and sang a praise of God saying;

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