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 Form 3 Chemistry Questions and Answers on The Mole

An experiment was carried out to prepare crystals of magnesium sulphate. Excess magnesium powder was added to #100cm^3# of dilute sulphuric (VI) acid in a beaker and warmed until no further reaction took place. The mixture was filtered and the filtrate evaporated to saturation, then left to cool for crystals to form.
a).i).Write an equation for the reaction.
ii).Explain why excess magnesium powder was used.
iii).State how the completion of the reaction was determined.
iv).What is meant by saturated solution?
v).Explain why the filtrate was not evaporated to dryness. b).When bleaching powder, CaOCl2 ,is treated with dilute nitric (V) acid ,chlorine gas is released.
This reaction can be used to determine the chlorine content of various samples of bleaching powders and liquids. i).Write an equation for the reaction of nitric (V) acid with bleaching powder. ii).Calculate the volume of chlorine produced when 10 g of #CaoCl_2# is treated with excess nitric (v) acid

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