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 Form 4 Physics Floating and Sinking Questions and Answers

Figure 11 shows a test- tube whose cross-sectional area is 2#cm^2# partially filled with lead shot floating vertically in water.
(Take gravitational acceleration as 10#ms^-2# and density of water 𝜌w, as 1 g# cm^-3#)
(a) (i) Determine the:
I volume of the water displaced
II weight of the water displaced
(ii) State the combined weight of the test-tube and the lead shot
(iii) Determine the length of the test-tube that would be submerged in a liquid of the density 0.8#gcm^-3#.
(b) The set up in figure 11 can be used as hydrometer to measure densities of liquids. State how such a hydrometer would be improved to measure
small differences in densities of liquids

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