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 Form 4 Physics Floating and Sinking Questions and Answers

(a) Figure 10 shows a rectangular metal block of density #10500kgm^-3# and dimensions 30cm ×20cm×20cm suspended inside a liquid of density #1200kgm^-3# by a string attached to a point above the liquid. The three forces acting on the block are the
tension T, on the string, the weight W of the block and the upthrust U due to the liquid.
(i) Write the expression relating to T, W and U when the block is in equilibrium inside the liquid.
(ii) Determine the weight, W of the block
(iii) Determine the weight of the liquid displaced by the
fully submerged block.
(iv) Hence determine the tension, T in the string.
(b) A certain solid of volume #50cm^3# displaces#10cm^3# of kerosene (Density 800#kgm^-3#) when floating. Determine the density of the solid.

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