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 Form 1 Biology: Nutrition in Animals Questions and Answers

An experiment was carried out to investigate the nutritional value of two dry powder animal feeds X and Y over a period of six months. Twenty 5 month’s old castrated goats were used. The goats were divided into two equal groups A and B. The animals in group A were fed on feed X throughout the
experiment while those of group B were fed on feed Y. the feeds were supplemented with dry hay and water. The average body weight of each group of goats and the weight of the dry powder feeds were determined and recorded each month. The faeces produced by each group was dried and weighed and the average dry faecal output per month was also recorded. The results are as shown below.
(a) (i) What is the relationship between the amount of feed and the faecal output?
(ii) Work out the average increase in weight for the animals in group A during:
(I) The first four months ……….
(II) The last two months ……….

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