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 Chemistry Form 3 Sulphur and its Compounds Questions and Answers

(a) The diagram below shows a set-up used by a student in an attempt to prepare and collect oxygen gas.
(i) Complete the diagram by correcting the mistakes on it.
(ii) Identify solid W
(b) A piece of phosphorus was burnt in excess air and the product obtained was shaken with a small amount of
hot water to make a solution
(i) Write an equation for the burning of phosphorus in excess air.
(ii) The solution obtained in (b) above was found to have a PH of 2.Give reasons for this observation.
(c) Explain why cooking pots made aluminium do not corrode easily when exposed to air.
(d) The reaction between sulphur (IV) oxide and oxygen to form sulphur (VI) oxide in the contact process in exothermic.

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