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 Form 1 History: Development of Agriculture Lessons

Characteristics of agriculture in Britain before the agrarian revolution Lesson 2

Farmers practiced openfield system.
In this system land was divided into three portions; I. Portion one- growing corn and wheat II. Portion two- for beans , barley and oats III. Portion three- left fallow to regain fertility. Such a system did not allow effective farming since land was not fully utilized.
It also discouraged livestock farming since it allowed easy spread of livestock diseases. There was uncontrolled breeding in livestock instead of selective breeding since livestock grazed together. Fallow land and existence of Cattle and footpaths that crisscrossed the farms wasted a lot of land.
Stripping as a method of farming was used. The existence of strips meant that Land portions were small and discouraged the use of machines. Use of simple tools and implements that included sticks, hoes and later ploughs. Use of broadcasting method. Broadcasting
method of planting led to wastage of see

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