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 KCSE 2018 Mathematics Paper 1 Video Questions and Answers

The diagram below shows triangle ABC with vertices A (-1, -3), B (1, -1) and C (0, 0), and line M.
(a) Draw triangle A'B’C' the image of triangle ABC under a reflection in the line M. (2 marks)
(b) Triangle A“B“C“is the image of triangle A’B’C’ under a transformation represented by the matrix T = $\begin{pmatrix}
1 & 2\\
0& 1
(i) Draw triangle A”B”C“(3 marks)
(ii) Describe fully the transformation represented by matrix T. (3 marks)
(iii) Find the area of triangle A’B'C' hence find area of triangle A“B“C”. (2 marks)

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