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 Form 4 Energy Changes in Chemical and Physical Processes Questions and Answers

a) 50#cm^3# of 1M copper(II)sulphate solution was placed in a 100#cm^3# plastic beaker. The temperature of the solution was measured. Excess metal A powder was added to the solution, the mixture stirred, and maximum temperature of the mixture measured . the results obtained are given in the table below.
i)arrange the metals A, B, C and copper in order of reactivity starting with the least reactive. Give reasons for the order.
ii)other than temperature change, state one other observation that was made when the most reactive metal was added to the Copper(II)sulphate solution.
b)the standard enthalpy change of formation of methanol is #-239kJmol^-1#.
(i) Write the thermal chemical equation for the standard enthalpy change of formation of methanol.
(ii) Methanol is manufactured by reacting carbon (II) oxide with hydrogen at #300^0C# and a pressure of 250 atmospheres.

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