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 Form 4 Chemistry: Radioactivity Questions and Answers

(a)Distinguish between a neutron and a proton.
(b) What is meant by a radioactive substance?
(c) State two dangers associated with radioactive
substances in the environment.
(d) The two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium #overset 2 1 D# and tritium #overset 3 1 T# react to form element Y and neutron particles, according to the equation below:
(i) What is the atomic: (I) Mass of Y;

(II) Number of Y.
(ii) What name is given to the type of reaction undergone by the isotopes of hydrogen?
(e) (i) What is meant by half-life of a radioactive substance?
(ii) 288g of a radioactive substance decayed to 9g in 40 days. Determine the
half-life of the radioactive substance.

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