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 Form 4 Chemistry: Radioactivity Questions and Answers

(a) State two differences between chemical and nuclear reactions.
(b) Below is a radioactive decay series starting from #overset 214 83# Bi and ending at #overset 206 82# Pb . Study it and answer the question that follows. (i) Identify the particles emitted in steps I and III (ii) Write the nuclear equation for the reaction which takes place in step V
(c ) The table below gives the percentages of a radioactive isotope of Bismuth that remains after decaying at different times.
(i) On the grid provided, plot a graph of the
percentage of Bismuth remaining (vertical axis) against time. (Graph was provided)
(ii) Using the graph, determine the:
I.Half-life of the Bismuth isotope. II.Original mass of the Bismuth isotope given that the mass that remained after 70 minutes was 0.16g.
(d)Give one use of radioactive isotopes in medicine.

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