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 Form 3 Nitrogen and Its Compounds Questions and Answers

(a) The flow chart below shows some reactions starting with lead (II) nitrate. Study it and answer the questions that follow.
(i) State the condition necessary in step 1.
(ii) Identify:
(I) Reagent K.
(II) Gas Q.
(III) Acidic products S and R.
(iii) Write:
(I) The formula of the complex ion formed in step 3.
(II) The equation of the reaction in step 4.
(b) The use of materials made of lead in roofing and in water pipes is being discouraged. State:
(i) Two reasons why these materials have been used in the past.
(ii) One reason why their use is being discouraged.
(i) The reaction between lead (II) nitrate and concentrated sulphuric (VI) acid starts, but stops immediately. Explain.
(ii) Name one suitable reagent that can be reacted with concentrated sulphuric (VI) acid to produce nitric (V) acid.

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