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 Form 4 Chemistry Organic Chemistry II Questions and Answers

(a)When an organic compound Y is reacted with aqueous sodium carbonate, it produces carbon (IV) oxide. Y reacts with propanol to form a sweet smelling compound Z whose formula is.
(i) Name and draw the structural formula of compound Y.
(ii) What is the name of the group of compounds to which Z belongs?
(b) In an experiment, excess ethanol was warmed with potassium dichromate for about twenty minutes. State and explain the observation that was made at the end of the experiment.
(c ) The scheme below was used to prepare a cleansing agent. Study it and answer the questions that follow.
(i) What name is given to the type of cleansing agent prepared by the method shown in the scheme?
(ii) Name one chemical substance added in step II.
(iii) What is the purpose of adding the chemical substance named in c (ii) above.
(iv) Name one other suitable substance that can be used in step I

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