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 Form 3 Chemistry: Organic Chemistry I Video Questions and Answers

(a) Crude oil is a source of many compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen only. (i) Name the process used to separate the components of crude oil.
(ii) On what two physical properties of the above components does the separation depend?
(b) Under certain conditions, hexane can be converted to two products. The formula of one of the products is #C_3H_8#
(c ) Ethyne, #C_2H_2# is another compound found in crude oil. One mole of ethyne
was reacted with one mole of hydrogen chloride gas and a product P1 was formed. P1 was then reacted with excess hydrogen gas to form P2. Draw the structures P1 and P2.
(d)The set-up below was used to prepare and collect ethane gas. Study it and answer the questions that follow.
(i) Name the substance T.
(ii) Give the property of ethene that allows it to be collected as shown in the set-up.
(e)One of the reactions undergone by ethene is addition polymerization. Give the name of the polymer and one disadvantage of the polymer....

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