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 Form 3 Physics Quantity of Heat Video Questions and Answers

(a) State the meaning of the term “specific latent heat of fusion”. (1 mark)
(b) Figure 8 shows a setup of apparatus used in an experiment to determine the specific latent heat of fusion of ice.
Figure 8
The following readings were noted after the heater was switched on for 5 minutes: - Mass of beaker = 130 g - Mass of beaker + melted ice = 190 g
(i) Determine the:
(I) Energy supplied by the 60 W heater in the 5 minutes. (3 marks)
(II) Specific latent heat of fusion of ice. (4 marks)
(ii) It was observed that some of the crushed ice melted even before the heater was switched on. State a reason for this observation. (1 mark)

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