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 KCSE 2018 English Paper 2 Questions and Answers

Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Do not change the meaning.
(i) They will look after Bakari. (Begin: Bakari...)
(ii) The textbooks said the teacher are not adequate. (Punctuate correctly)
(iii) I know that one of your books has been published. (Begin: I know that a...)
(iv) I will help him only if he asks me to. (Rewrite using the word “unless”)
(v) All of us want to pass our exams. (Begin: None…)

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Answer Text:
(i) Bakari will be looked after by them.
(ii) “The textbooks,” said the teacher, “are not adequate”
(iii) I know that a book of yours has been published.
(iv) I will not help him unless he asks me to / Unless he asks me to, I will not help him.
(v) None of us wants to fail our exams. None of us doesn’t want to pass our exams.