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 KCSE 2019 English Paper 1 Questions and Answers

Imagine you have recently transferred to another school. Write a letter to your best friend in your former school persuading him or her to transfer to your new school. In your letter, give at least three reasons why this school is better than your former school.

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Answer Text:
P.O BOX 144-80100,

OCTOBER 24TH, 2021.

Hey Muna,
It has been long dear! How have you been all this time? I have really missed you. I am doing great in my new school, and I am already used to the new environment. I have tried to make new friends but for sure nobody can fill the gap of true friendship we shared at Dola High school.
I am writing to ask you to consider transfer to this school. Gifted School is actually the place to be dear. I have no regrets coming to this school. First the school fees here is very affordable and they even sponsor students who perform well. The school infrastructure is also tops. We have enough spacious dormitories with enough beds unlike Dola where we shared the three by four bed. The meals are very balanced and always palatable. Do they still cook the small red beans with mashed potatoes? I remember how we used to make fun and say that we are not babies to feed on mashed potatoes…hahaha.
Finally the most important reason as to why I want you to transfer to this school is because the performance of student in this school is very good as compared to that in Dola. Imagine, the study groups are taken very serious to an extent that every group has a teacher mentoring them and always checking on their progress in all the subjects. I have really improved in Physics because of this.
Convince your dad about the same and reply this letter to tell me how it will have gone. I will be very excited to hear from you. Pass my love to Sally and Doty.

Your friend,