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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Minerals and Rocks

In this Lesson we are going to learn about the Significance of Rocks

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Answer Text:
Significance of Rocks
1. Rocks weather to form soil which is important in agriculture.
2. Form aquifers which store ground water which forms springs which form rivers and wells which provide water for domestic and industrial use.
3. Some rocks are sources of building materials e.g. igneous rocks are used to make ballast and limestone rocks are used as building blocks and raw material in cement manufacturing.
4. Phosphate and nitrate rocks are used to make fertilizer used in agriculture.
5. Granitic tors of W. Kenya and high volcanic peaks such as those of Mt. Kenya are a tourist attraction which brings foreign exchange.
6. Pumice is used as a scrubbing stone.
7. A rock such as coal is used as fuel for heating, smelting of iron and thermal electricity generation.
8. Source of minerals e.g. oil and coal is associated with sedimentary rocks.