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 Form 4 English Paper 1 Revision Question and Answers in Video Format

The following is a conversation between a father and his daughter. Identify six shortcomings in the father’s listening skills.
DAUGHTER: (Shortly after having arrived home from school) Good afternoon, Daddy.
FATHER: (Sitting complacently in the sofa, reading a newspaper. Looking up……..)
Good afternoon. (Resumes reading).
DAUGHTER: (Holding out her school report form) Daddy, I’m excited. My class teacher said I was the best improved. I was…
FATHER: Oh, you were? Me, I used to be number one. I was absolutely unbeatable.
DAUGHTER: Chemistry has been a particular headache (now looking at the report form
which she thought her father would want see), but this time…
FATHER: (Stretching his arms, looking preoccupied) Chemistry for me was particularly easy I never scored anything less than 90%.
DAUGHTER: Dad, I was going to tell you that this time…
FATHER: (Absent-mindedly) By the way, where is your mum?
DAUGHTER: Mum is in the garden picking vegetables. But Dad, you are not listening to

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Answer Text:
i. The father does not prepare to listen, i.e. does not adopt a listening posture.
ii. He interrupts severally i.e. does not adhere to the turn-taking rule.
iii. He is not empathetic – he does not put himself in the shoes of his daughter in order appreciate where she is coming from.
iv. He is full of self-importance / self-praise. This prevents him from reaching out to his daughter.
v. He is absent-minded – he changes the topic abruptly thus interrupting the flow of the conversation.
vi. He has pre-conceived ideas about Chemistry. He doesn’t give the daughter a chance to explain herself.
vii. He is unwilling to see his own shortcomings as far as listening skills are concerned. E.g. he says, “I heard you” – he believes he was listening.
viii. He is insensitive – he does not realize he has hurt his daughter by not listening to her.