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 Form 4 Mathematics Paper 1 Exam Revision Questions With Answers Set 3

A bathroom measuring 2.5 m long, 2.0 m wide and 3.0 m high is to be renovated by covering all the four walls and the floor with tiles. The room has one door measuring 2 m high and 90 cm wide and a high end window on the opposite wall measuring 1.5 m long and 40 cm wide. The walls are to be covered with tiles to a height of 1.2 m. The remaining part of the walls (except the door and window) and the ceiling are painted. Each tile measures 12cm by 5cm and costs sh 2.50. One litre of paint covers an area of 3.0 m2 and costs sh 245.Find the total cost of the materials required to renovate the bathroom

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