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 Form 4 Mathematics Paper 1 Exam Revision Questions With Answers Set 3

A lorry travels from Nairobi to Lodwar and back. From Nairobi to Lodwar the average speed of the lorry is 70 km/h and from Lodwar to Nairobi, the lorry average speed is 20 km/h slower and takes 4 hours longer than on the journey from Nairobi to Lodwar.
a) Find the distance between Nairobi and Lodwar.
b) Diesel consumption is 0.32 litres per kilometre on the journey from Nairobi to Lodwar. This rate of fuel consumption increases by 25% on the return journey. Calculate the amount of diesel the lorry consumes for the trip.
c) The lorry makes 2 round trips per week. If diesel costs sh 65 per litre, determine the total cost of diesel required to run the lorry for 3 months.

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