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 Form 4 History and Government Paper 2 Exam Questions and Answers Set 2

Explain the factors that led to the easing of the cold war.

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Answer Text:
-After the death of Stalin, his successors were flexible and accommodative in that they made efforts towards USA-USSR, Co-existence.
-Signing of several disarmaments treaties between the two super powers, for example, salt.
-Liberal policies of Mikhail Gorbachev the leader of USSR, which co-operated with the USA.
-The collapse of the communism in 1989 leading to a weakened Russia as most states under USSR became independent.
-Unification of Germany in 1990 under chancellor Helmut Kohl following the collapse of the berlin wall.
-Dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991 after the disintegration of USSR.
-Singing of START I and START II disarmament treaties in the 1990s.