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 Form 3 Chemistry Paper 1 Sample Revision Questions With Answers

When a few drops of sodium hydroxide solution were added to a colorless test solution, a white precipitate was formed. When excess sodium hydroxide solution was added, the precipitate dissolved. Similar results were obtained with the test
solution when aqueous ammonia was used.
a).Identify the cation present in the test solution.
b).Identify the precipitate formed with the few drops of sodium hydroxide solution were added
c).Write a balanced ionic equation for the reaction between the precipitate and excess ammonia solution.

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Answer Text:
a).Zinc (II) ion or #Zn^(2+)#
b).Zinc (II) hydroxide or #Zn (OH)_2#
c).#Zn (OH)_(2(S)) + 4NH_3(aq) -->Zn(NH_3)_4^(2+)(aq) + 2OH^(-)(aq)#