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 Form 4 Chemistry Paper 2 Sample Revision Questions With Answers

a). Draw a well labelled diagram to show how you would prepare and collect dry chlorine gas in the laboratory.
b).A part from the reagents used in (a) above, name two other sets of reagents that can be used to prepare chlorine gas.
c).Describe how you would test for chloride ions in a solid sample suspected to contain the ions in the laboratory.

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Answer Text:
b).Potassium manganate (VII) and conc. HCl
Lead (iv) oxide and con HCl
Calcium chlorate 1 #Ca(OCl)_2# and conc.HCl
c). Put the solid in a test tube, add water and shake to dissolve it.Add a few drops of lead (II) nitrate to the solution formed. If a white precipitate that dissolves on warming is observed then the chloride ions are present.