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 Form 4 Chemistry Paper 2 Sample Revision Questions With Answers

a) The diagram below shows an incomplete set-up used to prepare and collect dry ammonia gas.
i) Complete the diagram to show how a dry sample of ammonia gas can be collected.
ii).Name solid K.
iii).Write an equation for the reaction that occurred when a mixture of ammonium chloride and solid K was reacted.
b) Ammonia gas is used in the manufacture of nitric (V) acid as shown below.
i) The process requires the use of a catalyst. What is the name of the catalysts used and in which unit is the catalyst used?
ii) Identify compounds A and B.
iii) Ammonia and nitric acid are used in the manufacture of ammonium nitrate fertilizer. Calculate the amount of nitric (V) acid required to manufacture 1000kg of ammonium nitrate using excess ammonia [N=14, H=1, O=16]

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