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 Form 4 Chemistry Paper 2 Sample Revision Questions With Answers

The grid below shows a part of the periodic table. Study it and answer the questions that follow. The letters are not the actual symbols of the elements.
a) Element P is in group 1 and another group in the periodic table. Identify the other group and give a
reason for your answer.
b) Comment on the reactivity of the group in which element P belongs.
c).Compare the melting points of elements R and Y.
d).Compare the electricity conductivity of elements R and Y
e).Explain the difference in melting points between the oxide of S and that of U
f).Write an equation for the reaction between elements R and V.
g).Which of the above elements would form;
i). A monovalent anion
ii). A divalent cation
h).Explain why element M is placed in group VIII

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