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Class 6 CRE End of Term 3 Examination 2022

Class: Class 6

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 6 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

STD 6 C.R.E TERM 3 2022

1. Which sin did Adam and Eve commit?
A. Eating the forbidden fruit
B. Covering themselves with leaves
C. Naming animals and other creation
D. Talking to snake
2. When Abraham was called by God he experienced new life by moving from?
A. Ur to Canaan
B. Haran to Canaan
C. Canaan to Haran
D. Ur to Haran
3. When Jesus was baptized by john the Baptist in the River Jordan how did the following order happen;
i. Heaven was opened
ii. A voice wad heard from heaven
iii. The holy spirit descended in form of a dove
A. (ii), (iii), (i)
B. (iii), (ii), (i)
C. (i), (iii),(ii)
D. (i), (ii), (iii)
4. Which prophet of God is associated with the new covenant that will be written in people’s heart?
A. Isaiah
B. Jeremiah
C. Nehemiah
D. Ezekiel
5. The first miracle of Jesus was changing water in wine at
A. Nazareth
B. Cana of galilee
C. Jerusalem
D. Bethany
6. Prophet Elijah was taken up to heaven in the presence of?
A. Elisha
B. Moses
C. Samuel
D. Ananias
7. When Saul was on the way to Damascus he became?
A. Lame
B. Blind
C. Dumb
D. Deaf
8. The Good Samaritan helped the man beaten by the robbers by?
A. Treating his wounds
B. Giving him money
C. Taking him to his house
D. Praying for him
9. ______ carried the cross for Jesus
A. Nichodemus
B. Peter
C. Joseph of arimathea
D. Simon of Cyrene
10. How many soldiers did Gideon use to defeat the Midianites?
A. 3000
B. 300
C. 30000
D. 30
11. Who among the following servant was healed by Jesus because of his master’s faith?
A. Jairus daughter
B. Jacob
C. Mary
D. Roman centurion’s servant
12. The following were done by early church except?
A. They shared their belongings
B. They always remain in doors
C. They meet daily
D. They fellowship together
13. Jesus said that we should ____ our enemies
A. Hate
B. Beat
C. Love
D. Abuse
14. Which of the following event took place when Jesus died on the cross?
A. A star appeared
B. There was darkness
C. Angel appeared
D. The wise men came
15. Jesus taught two brothers who were fishermen that he would teach them how to?
A. Be fishers of men
B. Say the Lord’s Prayer
C. Pray
D. Look after sheep
16. God rejected King Saul because?
A. Was old
B. Too young
C. Was not a wise king
D. Disobeyed God
17. Which one of the following is a fruit of the Holy spirit
A. Faithfulness
B. Wisdom
C. Knowledge
D. Preaching
18. When people sin in the traditional African society they,
A. Offer sacrifices
B. Shake hands
C. Wash their hands
D. Wear new clothes
19. Which ONE of the following moral values is taught to children in Traditional African Society?
A. History
B. Wealth
C. Respect
D. Bravery
20. Christian pupils can use their free time to help the community by?
A. Cleaning the streets
B. Sleeping at home
C. Playing football
D. Reading books
21. Who among the following taught children in traditional African society how to behave
A. Peers
B. Age mates
C. Children
D. Elders
22. The parable of the prodigal son teaches Christians about?
A. Joy
B. Humility
C. Patient
D. Forgiveness
23. The roman emperor who was ruling when Jesus was born was called?
A. Herod
B. Pilate
C. Augustus
D. Caiaphas
24. What did Jesus say when the devil told him to change stone in bread during temptations
A. Man should not live by bread alone
B. Man shall not put God into test
C. Man shall not eat bread without buying
D. Man shall not worship an idol
25. Children should NOT engage in immoral practices because?
A. Only adult to do them
B. They break the God’s command
C. They will be punished
D. The will go to hell
26. Jesus taught the parable of sower seated
A. In the temple
B. On the hill side
C. In a boat
D. At a well
27. Who were the first people to see baby Jesus when he was born?
A. Kings
B. Wise men
C. Shepherd
D. Angels
28. What do Christian learn from the temptation of Jesus?
A. They should give up when tempted
B. They should not be tempted
C. Temptations are meant for sinners
D. They should not give up while in temptation
29. Which one of the following is a bad effect of irresponsible girl boy relationship?
A. Self-control
B. Teenage pregnancy
C. Good result in school
D. Increase knowledge of God
30. Christianity in Kenya was introduced by
A. European missionaries
B. Arab slaves traders
C. African chiefs
D. Ancestors


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