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Class 6 CRE End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 6

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 6 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 2 2021

1. From the book of Genesis, the following statements are true except?
A. God created man from soil
B. Human beings were created last.
C. Man was created from woman’s rib
D. Human beings are in-charge of all the creation.

2. Why did Adam and Eve hide after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge?
A. They were afraid of God.
B. They did not want to be punished
C. They feared Satan.
D. They had no clothes.
3. Which sign did God give Noah after the floods?
A. Sunshine
B. Rainbow
C. Ark
D. Rainfall
4. Abraham experienced new life after he;-
A. Married Hagar
B. Was baptized
C. Left Caanan to Haran
D. Left Haran to Caanan
5. Where was Moses living when God called him?
A. Egypt B. Israel C. Midian D. Jerusalem
6. Why did the Israelites celebrate the Passover annually?
A. To remember their deliverance from Egypt
B. To praise God
C. To remember life in the wilderness
D. To appreciate the life in Egypt
7. Who was the first king of Israel?
A. David
B. Saul
C. Ahab
D. Solomon
8. Who was led by the Holy spirit to defeat the midianites with 300 soldiers.
A. Samson
B. David
C. Gideon
D. Saul
9. King Ahab broke three of the following commandments. Which one did he NOT?
A. Do not murder
B. Do not steal
C. Do not accuse falsely
D. Do not covet
10. . According to Jesus, the kingdom of God belongs to those who are ___
A. Innocent and humble like children
B. Rich
C. Murders
11. Proud and knowledgeable like the Pharisees Jesus was a refugee in _____
A. Nazareth B. Bethlehem C. Bethany D. Egypt
12. Who among the following were led by a star to see baby Jesus?
A. Wise men B. Shepherds C. Angels D. Elders
13. Which one of the following is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
A. Faithfulness
B. Faith C. Love
D. Joy
14. “Whoever refuses to work is not allowed to eat” who said these.
A. Paul B. Peter C. James D. Jesus
15. Which commandment has a promise?
A. Keep the Sabbath Holy
B. Do not covet
C. Do not steal
D. Respect your father and mother.
16. The first Christian Martyr of the early church was A. Timon B. Philip C. Stephen D. Nicanos
17. Which one does not refer to the Holy Communion?
A. The Holy mass B. Eucharist
C. The breaking of the bread D. Pentecost
18. Three of the following are skills of knowing and living with oneself. Which one is not.
A. Critical thinking B. Coping with emotions
C. Self – awareness D. Coping with stress
19. Why was the servant in the parable of the talents punished?
A. He was lazy
B. He did not make use of his talent
C. He was jealous of other servants
D. He insulted his master
20. The man healed by Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate in Jerusalem was:-
A. Mentally handicapped
B. Visually handicapped
C. Physically handicapped
D. Hearing impaired
21. What was the name of the pool to which Jesus sent the blind to wash his face?
A. Gadara B. Lake Galilee C. Jordan D. Siloam
22. Early believers were first called Christians at
A. Antioch B. Jerusalem C. Bethlehem D. Jericho
23. The last book in the Old Testament is
A. Genesis B. Malachi C. Mathew D. Revelation
24. The Ethiopian Eunuch was helped to understand the scripture by _____
A. Simon B. Jeremiah C. Philip D. A priest
25. Which one of the following specialists is found in both Christianity and traditional African society? A. Witches B. Rainmakers C. Sorcerers D. Prophets
26. In traditional African society, wealth was measured through all the following EXCEPT?
A. Number of cars B. Number of children
C. Size of granary D. Size of land
27. Which one of the following should a Christian do during leisure?
A. Watching cartoons
B. Visiting prisoners
C. Reading the Bible
D. Watching Christian movies
28. Why should we obey our parents
A. To be understood
B. To earn favour
C. Because it pleases God
D. To get money from them
29. Why should Christians work?
A. To be rich
B. To earn more money
C. Because they are forced
D. Because God is a worker.
30. Who was the first missionary to translate the bible into Kiswahili.
A. Ludwig Krapt
B. Johanne Rebman
C. Edward Erhadt
D. Dr. David Livingstone


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