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Class 6 Mathematics End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 6

Subject: Mathematics

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 6 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. Write and six hundred sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty nine in figures
A. 66600669
B. 666669
C. 66606609
D. 6666696
2. Simply 40/100
A. 4050 B. 425 C.825 D. 25
3. what is the place value of digit 4 in the number 34521
A. tens
B. hundreds
C. ones
D. thousands
4. Change 3kms 45m into meters
A. 345m B. 3045m
C. 30045m D. 3450m
5. Florence bought 3/5 kg on potatoes and 1/3 kg of tomatoes. What were the total mas of the item she bought?
A. 4/15kg B. 14/15kg C. 3/8kg D. 3/15kg
6. what is the place value of digit 4 in the number 792.843
A. tenths B. hundredths
C. Thousandth D. hundreds
7. multiply 45.9 × 4
A. 18.36 B. 49.9 C. 183.6 D. 1.836
8. how many rectangles are there in figure below
A. 4 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9
9. what is 28 in roman number?
10. What is the G.C.D of 6, 42 and 24
A. 2 B. 3 C. 168 D.6
11. find the area of the rectangle below
A. 71m B. 1150m C. 142m D. 1420m
12. Work out 3.08+6.8+12
A. 21.88 B. 38.8 C. 10.08 D. 6.68
13. Find the value of the angle marked m
A. 60º B. 70 º C. 250 º D. 180 º
14. How many half kilograms are there in 34kg
A. 34 B. 68 C. ½ D. 17
15. Find the value of w in 17+w = 30
A. 13 B. 23 C. 47 D. 8
16. Add
A. 15km 251m 00cm
B. 14km 251m 100cm
C. 14km 250m 100cm
D. 14km 1251m 00cm
17. Work out
28 x 1 ½
A. 28 ½ B. 29 ½ C. 42 D. 21
18. Divide 3 ÷ 9027
A. 3009 B. 309 C. 30009 3090
19. Pick the like terms in the expression below.
9t + 8p+6t+ 3p+2p
A.28pt B. 15t+13p C. 15t – 13p 13t + 15p
20. How many container of A will fill container B?
A. 25 B. 50 C. 200 D. 100
21. Find the area of the shaded part
A. 140 cm2
B. 600cm2
C. 1200 cm2
D. 200 cm2
22. The scale on a map 1centimetre represents 10m. Find the drawing length that will represent 70m on the ground.
A. 700cm B. 70cm C. 7 cm D. 700cm
23. Change 6#2/5# into an improper fraction.
A5/32 B.5/30 C.30/5 D.32/5
24. What is the value of y in the following
A. 3 B. 9 C.2 D. 18
25. weeks Day
A. 11 week 3day
B. 4weeks 5day
C. 3week 8day
D. 3week 5day
26. What is the time in the clock shown
A. 9.00 o’clock
B. 12.45 o’clock
C. 12.00 o’clock
D. 11.45 o’clock
27. Which of the following number is divisible by 3 and 9?
A. 1008 B. 222 C. 33 D. 600
28. What is the L.C.M of 16 and 18 :
A. 24 B. 72 C. 28 D. 12
29. What is the total number of days in the month of May and September?
A. 60 B. 59 C. 61 D. 39
30. how many millimeters are there in 2 ½ litres
A. 2300 ml B. 2500 ml C. 2250ml D. 2700ml
31. Add
A. sh 100 70ct B. sh. 89 70ct
C. sh. 109 60ct D. sh.88 170ct
32. Calculate the area of a square whose side is 16cm.
A. 256cm2 B. 32cm2 C 512cm2 D. 48cm2
33. which one of the following is equilateral triangle:
34. arrange in ascending order
A.12.13,14,18 B.12,18,14,13 C. 12,13,14,14 D. 18,14,13,12
35. which of the following angles is the largest
A. Reflex B. Acute C. Obtuse D. Right
36. what is the approximate mass of a newly born baby
A. 6grams B. 30kg C. 3kg D. 19gm
37. Charles bought 48 packets of biscuits. If each packet weighed 1/4kg. what is the total mas of biscuits in KG?
A. 90kg B. 196kg C. 12kg d. 24Kg
38. Onsongo left Kisii at 9.00am and arrived Nairobi at 2.00pm. How many hours did his journey take?
A. 5hrs B. 2hrs C. 6hrs D. 7hrs
39. multiply 13km 200m by 8
A. 105KM 600M
B. 104KM 1600M
C. 13KM 1600M
D. 14 KM 600M
40. A family uses 2 ½ litres of milk daily. How many litres does the family use in four weeks
A. 4 B. 6 C. 14 D. 70
41. If the year 2000 was a leap year. How many other leap year there before 2010.
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 1
42. Find the value of x if 27=𝑋21
A. 4 B. 6 C. 14 D. 10
43. work out
A. 6hrs 90mins 30sec
B. 7hrs 30mins 30sec
C. 10hrs 16mins 30sec
D. 9hrs 20mins 30sec
44. In a school meeting, the number of men attended the meeting was 510 and women 642 and 26 more children than men. how many people we there in the meeting?
A. 1680 B. 1688 C. 1178 D. 1152
45. Kioko wa sent to buy the following items
2kg of sugar at 70kshs
½ kg of meat at 100 per kg
4kg of cooking fat @ 70
3kg of wheat flour each 60 per kilogram
If he paid using one thousands shillings note, how much balance did she received
A. 650 B. 350 C. 655 D. 1700
The graph below shows the favorite games for pupils at Angino school. use it to answer questions 46-49
46. which one is the most liked game in the school
A. Soccer B. athletics C. Tennis D. Hockey
47. which game is least liked by pupils
A. soccer B. Tennis C. hockey D. Athletics
48. how many more pupils like athletics than
tennis A. 210 B. 120 C. 80 D. 300
49. John slept at 2030 hours and woke up after 5hrs 15 min. At what time did he wake up?
A. 0145am B. 1.45am C. 2545hrs D. 2545am
50. What is the next shape in the pattern below?


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