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Class 8 English End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 8

Subject: English

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


Read the passage below carefully, it contains blank spaces numbered 1-15
Our country Kenya is the 1 _______2_______ tourist destination in Africa today.3__________here is based on natural habitat. We have a 4____________ of different kinds of wildlife in 5_______ natural habitat. Nowhere else in the world do we have such game life.
The expensive Maasai Mara game reserve 6 ________ more tourist from all over the world to come and watch the 7__________ wonder of the world; The _______8 migration of the wild beast crossing the Maasai Mara river from Kenya____9 the neighboring Tanzania. What a ____10 site it is.
The other major attraction is the great Rift Valley, with ____11 hot springs near Lake Bogoria and the Hells gate in Naivasha. Area around L. Naivasha is a haven of ___12 with Lake View hotel. ______13 warm sandy beaches at the coast of the shores of the Indian Ocean______14 classic attraction for both____15 and foreign. Tourist on the holiday merry making.

1. A. more B. most C. best D. many
2. A. Liked B. known C. Popular D. Famous
3. A. Tourism B. Tour C Tourists D. Touring
4. A. Various B. Variety C. Varied D. Value
5. A. Then B. There C. They D. Their
6. A. Attempts B. Attacks C. Attracts D. Entertains
7. A. Eighth B. Eight C. Eightieth D Eighteenth
8. A. Greet B. Great C. Grand D. Gland
9. A. And B. To C. into D. Through
10. A. Spectrum B. Spectacle C. Speck D. Spectacular
11. A. It B. It’s C. its D. ti’s
12. A. Beaty B. Beautiful C. Beauty D. Beautifully
13. A. Other B. An C. A D. The
14. A. Prove B. Provide C. supply D. Promise
15. A. Domestic B. International C. National D. Natural

For question 16 -17, choose the word with is correctly spelt
16. .
A. buried
B. ocurred
C. Bizarre
D. manuvre
17. A. Comitee
B. full scarp
C. Callender
D. embarrassment
For question 18 and 19 choose the sentence with means the same as the given sentence
18. if only I had money, I would buy the English revision book
A. though I had money, I didn’t have the will to buy English revision book
B. though I very much needed the book, I didn’t buy it since I didn’t have money
C. I wish I had bought English revision book with the with the money I had
D. even if the English book revision book was good, it wasn’t worth the money
19. Both of them were awarded at the national festival
A. the two were winners at the national festival
B. neither of them won any prize at the national festival
C. none of them was awarded price at the national festival
D. either of them participated at the national festival
for correct 20 and 22 choose the correct question tag
20. We ought not to have helped him?
A. could we
B. must we
C. ought we
D. oughtn’t we
21. we must stop the spread of corona virus
A. isn’t it
B. must we
C. mustn’t we
D. mustsn’t we
For question 22 and 23, choose the word that is pronounced the same as underlined word
22. Our English teacher came at eight O’clock
A. height
B. ate
C. right
D. sight
23. The land rover could not tow the stalled vehicle
A. two
B. too
C. to
D. toe
For question 24-25, choose the opposite of the underlined word
24. our trip to Kisumu was postponed to next week
A. preponed
B. delayed
C. put of
D. cancelled
25. he was persuaded from joining a bad company
A. convinced
B. urged
C. stopped
D. dissuaded

Read the following passage below then answer questions 26-38
A peasant family lived in a village of Nyandiwa. It comprise of a man called Bunde, his wife three sons and two daughters. They lived in a tiny piece of land they had inherited from their parents. Bunde put up a home stead and was left with only small plot where his wife made a kitchen garden for planting vegetables for domestic use. Bunde earned a living by working on other people’s farm. His eldest son was called Rooney. He was a bright and hardworking boy. In school he was a darling of most teachers due to his obedient and excellent performance. At his final primary school exams. Rooney perform so well that he exceeded with impressive scores. However poor Bunde could not afford to pay school fees for his son Rooney due to the poverty level and financial constraints at home and the village at large.
Rooney determined to push on with life decided to look for employment in the factory nearby to help out with family finances. On his 1st day of work on the factory his mother prayed for him and wishes him well before he set of at the crack of dawn. Carrying his sisal gunny bag. Rooney set of for the factory which was 8kilomtres away after walking for an Hour just before he reach the factory, He came a across a funny looking bag dropped by the side of the road. Curiosity got the better of him and he picked up the bad. On opening the bag what he saw made his eye pop out of their sockets. He found crisp new bundles of money neatly bounded with rubber bands and some other documents. With the shaking hands, the boy sat down by the road side and counted, counted and recounted the money. Believe it or not therein was a total of three hundred and fifty thousand shillings! Rooney instantly run back home to his parent what he had found. His father counted the money carefully and later undermined the documents found in the money. All the other family members looked on with mix feeling. Ronney was especially excited and had high hopes of happier lifestyle. When he was done his father said “son, we have to give this money back to the owner, my consistent will not be at peace if we take and keep such a colossal some of money which does not belongs to us. Let’s call the owner and give it back. His number is in some of the documents in the back. The other members were all stunned by the decision
“But….. Dad… this was my lack. People run in to lack. Take this money and build an iron roofed house, buy a piece of land and take me to high school and…. ‘…” nonsense!’’ the father interrupted “ you are too young to understand, it is best to give the money back” he called the number and the recipient responded immediately that evening the factory owner where Rooney has got a job came to their home and identify himself as the owner of lost and found bag. His joy knew no boned as he was handed back the bag. He examined it and found everything intact if fact he was touched by the family that he there and then offered a permanent job to Mr. Bunde at the factory as a foreman and pledge to sponsor Rooney all through his entire education to the University.


26. From the first paragraph it is true to say that the peasant family ….____
A. was well to do
B. was extremely lazy
C. languished in poverty
D. had sold all their land
27. The phrasal verb put up as used in the passage best means
A. bought
B. built
C. raised
D. rented
28. How did Bunde earn his living?
A. by working as a casual laborer on other peoples land
B. by working hard on his own farm
C. by doing big time businesses
D. by selling the vegetables own by his wife
29. Why of the following is not true about Rooney?
A. he was bright and obedient
B. he was a hard working boy
C. had a big heart and never gave up
D. he was weak, desperate and dishonest
30. Why do you thing Rooney carried a gunny bad on his first day to the factory?
A. to put in the money he would earn
B. to carry its belonging and use it as sleeping bag
C. to use it as an apron while at work
D. to show other people how poor he really was
31. The phrase at the crack of dawn can be best replaced with
A. very early in the morning
B. when the ground cracks
C. late at night before cracking
D. almost at dusk time
32. From the mother’s behavior and humility, we can say that she was highly
A. Superstitious
B. Idolatrous
C. Religious
D. Evil
33. Rooney’s excellent in performance at school best show that we can
A. fail to succeed in life at any time after school
B. do well in school if we work hard regardless of our background
C. be useless in life even with good grades at school
D. fail to succeed in education but still be quite successful in life
34. “curiosity got the better of him” means
A. he became anxious
B. he go shocked
C. he became afraid
D. he was tense and terrified
35. “His eyes almost pop out of their sockets why this was?
A. He had a sudden jabbing pain in his own eyes
B. he was hit hard by the sight of crisp new notes
C. he did not want anybody else to see him or the money
D. he simply could not believe his sudden lack
36. How many times do you think Rooney counted the money?
A. over and over again
B. about five times
C. exactly three times
D. we cannot tell
37. We can say all the following about Rooney’s father Mr. Bunde except?
A. He was very honest
B. he was responsible
C. He was unreasonable
D. He was faithful
38. Which of the following proverbs would best be used as a title of the passage?
A. patience always pays
B. Honesty is the best policy
C. Hard work never goes unrewarded
D. You never know what you know

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions that follow 39-50
Child abuse is the exposing of children to conditions that do not allow their natural healthy development. It is subjecting of children to responsibilities meant for adult, in nutshell child abuse is the misuse of children due to their inability to protect or defend themselves. These evil practices appear in different forms in our society. It could be child labour, sexual molestation, and child battering or even marrying of underage girls by Men old enough to be their grandfathers.
Children have and continue being use for economic production from our homes to our industries, the use of children in house help is quite rampant. Many children are subjected to this throughout the country especially in urban setups. They are exposed to fifteen hour working days and very little pay in many households. It is also common to find them in bars and at the bus stops. In rural areas, especially cash crop growing areas, children are force to pick coffee, tea or pyrethrum. They are treated harshly and are not allowed to bargain to their own terms
Sexual molestation is also a widespread practice in the country, more often than not, we witness or read from the paper that underage children some as young as two years old have been raped or defiled. Girl children have also been exposed to prostitution and immorality.
Many children are also subjected to physical beating either by uncaring parents or employer. Children also continue to be burnt or scalded with hot water being accused of imaginary or real crimes.
All those unfortunate incidents have a serious effect on children and their right to develop normally. They lead to children not going to school and this apart from making them unable to have responsible families in future also have a negative effect in the future development of our country. Child labor and lack of parental care also exposes children to poor mental and physical development. They are exposed to sexual transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS related infections. Child prostitution also leads to increase in number of street children and destitute.
Children abuse should be condemn by all and sundry in the society because every child has a right to love, care and protection. Denying children education is tantamount to killing the future of the nation because we often claim, they are the future leaders. Child right organization for children should be made more effective. The issue of child protection should be preached in churches, villages, barazas and any other social gathering. The law should also put heavy penalties to those who abuse the right of the children. This is because the nations that allow her children to suffer have no credit and people should know that this act is equivalent to man cutting the branch that he is sitting on. Let us defend the child.

39. What is child abuse according to the passage?
A. Exposing the child to condition enabling development
B. Denying child responsibilities
C. Use children to protect and defend them
D. Making children perform task meant for adults’
40. The following are forms of child abuse except?
A. Youth labour
B. Sexual molestation
C. Child battering
D. Forced marriages
41. Which one of the following statement is true?
A. The use of children as house help is not common
B. Only in some parts of the country are children used as house help
C. House helps are well paid everywhere
D. Children are forced to pick tea, coffee and pyrethrum in rural areas
42. which of the following show how child abuse affect children
A. it denies them chance of going to school
B. Make them become all round citizens
C. make them assertive
D. it boost their self esteem
43. According to the passage, what leads to increase of number of street children?
A. Allowing girls to play sex
B. Teaching children topics of sex
C. Exposing children to child prostitution
D. Watching pornographic videos
44. Most of the information about defiled or raped children comes from
A. the area chief
B. eye witness or newspaper
C. child right organizations
D. roaming boys
45. sexual molestation as underlined in the passage means
A. learning more about sex
B. to physical abuse by way of sex
C. practicing sex at a tender age
D. to beat someone who played sex with another
46. which of the following is correct according to the passage
A. Child abuse is a thing of the past
B. Children are abuse for economic production
C. Payment for child labour has been increased
D. Children employed work only for few hours a day
47. Why are children burnt or scalded with hot water according to the passage
A. it happens after being accused of imaginary or real crimes
B. when they try to commit suicide
C. when they try to commit a crime
D. when they intentionally jump into water due to anger
48. Child labor and lack of parental care are use in passage as?
A. Cause of poor mental and physical development
B. Reasons why children still at a tender age
C. Reason why children are abusive
D. Causes of all crimes among children
49. A child who has been denied a chance to education?
A. Becomes a future leader
B. May have a bleak future
C. Will do a lot of farming
D. Normally speak fluent English
50. Which of the following is the best tittle for this passage?
A. Little pitches have long ears
B. Child’s right should be protected
C. Children as a source of labour
D. do underestimate what children can do


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