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Form 1 Computer Studies End Term 2 2021 Exam

Class: Form 1

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

Name. Adm No

PAPER 1 (Theory) 451/1
1. State any three functions of a computer (3mks)

2. Computers have evolved through a number of generations. List any 4 characteristics of the first generation of computers. (4mks)

3. Give two reasons why smaller computers like Laptops tend to be more expensive than Desktop computers (2mks)

4. a) Give three example of special – purpose computers (3mks)

b) Differentiate between a microcomputer and a personal computer (2 mks)

5. Identify three advantages of using computers in banking (3 mks)

6. a) Give two factors to be considered when preparing a computer laboratory (2 mks)

b) Identify three facilities that will ensure proper ventilation in a room (3 mks)

7. Mention two things that are likely to cause strain- in the computer room (2 mks)

8. Explain three ways that computer technology could make office more efficient (6 mks)

9. a) Briefly explain the term “computer booting”. (2 mks)

b) Explain what happens in the computer during the booting process (2 mks)

c) Give and explain two types of booting (4 mks

10. Name two examples of scanning (data capture) devices used at point of scale terminals in supermarkets (2 mks)

11. List five factors one would consider when selecting a data input device (4 mks)

12. Explain the functions performed by each of the following central processing unit elements
(i) Control Unit ( 2 mks)

(ii) Arithmetic and logic Unit ( 2 mks)

(iii) Registers ( 2 mks)

(iv) The main memory ( 2 mks)

13. State three different examples of auxiliary storage devices ( 3 mks)

14. Give three characteristics of ROM ( 3 mks)

15. Distinguish between impact and non-impact printers and give two examples of each ( 4 mks)

16. List down 4 factors to consider when buying an output device

17. List down any four hardware components you can add or upgrade in a computer system


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