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Form 2 Physics End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: Physics

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

Answer ALL the questions in the spaces provided

1. The diagram below shows a section of a micrometer screw gauge used to measure the diameter of a thin rod. If it has a zero error of – 0.02mm determine the diameter of the rod measured (2mks)
phyc 1.PNG

2. State the reason why gases are easily compressible while liquids and solids are not (1mks)

3. In a cold day two form four students were observer. One was wearing a light fitting pullover while the other had a baggy one. The one with the light – fitting pullover was found shivering while the other one was not. Explain why. (2mks)

4. The diagram below shows two identical water bottles filled with water to the level shown
phyc 2.PNG

State with a reason which bottle was easier to topple (2mks)

5.The springs in the arrangement shown below are indicated and have negligible weight. Study the diagram and answer the question that follow
phyc 3.PNG

Given that the 90 N weight cause a total extension of 25cm, determine the springs constant of each spring (3mks)

6. (a) What are ferromagnetic materials? (1mks)

(b) The figure below shows a graph of magnification against magnetizing current for two materials A and B
phyc 4.PNG

(c) State with a reason the material which is more suitable for the use in a transformer (2mks)

7. A girl standing 200m from the foot of a high wall claps her hands and the echo reaches her 1.16 seconds later. Calculate the velocity of sound in air using this observation (2mks)

8. The figure below shows a displacement – time graph for a transverse wave traveling along the x – axis. Determine the frequency of the wave (3mks)
phyc 5.PNG

9. In an experiment to estimate the diameter of an oil molecule, an oil drop of diameter 0.05cm spreads over a circular patch whose diameter is 20cm. Determine the diameter of the oil molecule. (3mks)

10. (a). A uniform plank of length 5m and weight 250N acted upon by two forces as shown below Calculate the tension force T that will keep the plank balanced horizontally. (2mks)
phyc 6.PNG

(b). State two ways in which stability of a bus under construction can be increased. (2mks)

11. The figure below shows a spring when unloaded, when supporting a mass of 10g and when supporting a stone.
phyc 7.PNG

Determine the mass of stone. (3mks)

12. Explain why it is dangerous for two ships to travel very close to each other. (1mks)

13. A tube of diameter 12cm is connected to another tube of diameter 18mm. If water flows in the wider tube at 4m/s, what is the speed in narrower tube? (2mks)

14. Explain why a match stick when soaped at one end and then placed on the surface of water, moves in such a way that the end which is not soaped is always in front. (1mk)

15. Explain in terms of particles and the kinetic theory why the process of diffusion is speed up by high temperatures. (1mk)

16.A smoke cell containing a mixture of trapped air and smoke is strongly illuminated by powerful bulb and viewed through a microscope. Small bright specks are seen dancing in random manner. Explain the dancing behavior of the bright specks. (3mks)

17. State the reason why clinical thermometer cannot be sterilized in boiling water. (1mk)

18.What special feature does thermometer have that make it more sensitive. (1mk)

19.State and explain why fibre glass and cellulose are placed on the walls of buildings. (3mks)

20) Equal volumes of water was poured into a narrow beaker and a wide beaker .The two beakers were then exposed to the same heat for some time as shown in the figure below.
phyc 8.PNG

State with reason the difference in volume of water in the two beakers after some time. (3 mks )

21. The figure below shows a motor connected to a magnetic switch called a relay operated by an ordinary switch S1. Use the information in the figure to answer questions that follows:
phyc 9.PNG

i).Explain how the relay switches on the motor when S1 is closed (4 marks)

ii. State with a reason the effect on the motor if the iron core is replaced with a steel core and switch S1 is put on and then off. (3 marks)


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