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Form 1 Computer End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. State two reasons for the increased use of laptop computers in government offices. (2 marks)

2. Computer network technicians prefer to use command-line based operating system when configuring networks. Explain three reasons for the preference. (6 marks)

3. State three measures that should be put in place in a computer laboratory to safeguard users’ health. (3 marks)

4. State two ways in which barcode readers may be used in schools.(2 marks)

5. State three advantage of flat panel monitors over cathode ray tube monitors as used in computers. (3 marks)

6. State three possible reasons for the extinction of daisy wheel printers in the market. (3 marks)

7. State three ways in which an operating system secures a computer system. (3 mark)

8. A law firm prefers to use hard copy output over soft copy output when handling documents for legal matters. State two reasons for this preference. (2 marks)

9. State the hardware technological differences between the second generation and the third generation computers (2 marks)

10. State two ways of ensuring proper ventilation in a computer room. (2 marks)

11. Peter has installed internet in his home computer in order to use it for browsing. State three ways in which he would prevent viruses from infecting his computer. (6 marks)

12. State three ways of transforming a picture embedded in a Desktop Publishing programme in order to fit in a designated space on a document. (3 marks)

13. Explain three reasons that may lead an organisation to install an intranet.(6 marks)

14. Differentiate between a line printer and n page printer as used in computers.(2 marks)

15. State the function of each of the following features of an email software:
(a) Inbox (2 marks)

(b) Draft (2 marks)

16. Explain the term loggle key as used in computer keyboard. (4 marks)

17. List examples of toggle keys on a computer keyboard. (2 marks)

18. State four factors to consider when selecting an input device for use in a computer room (4 marks)

19. State three functions 0f Un-interrupted power supply (UPS). (3 marks)

20. Distinguish between a page break and a column break as used in a word processor. (3 marks)

21. State three factors to consider when selecting an operating system to instal in a computer (3 marks)

22. Differentiate between analogue data and digital data as used in computers. (2 marks)


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