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Form 2 Computer End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. State two characteristics of microcomputers. (2mks)

2. State the functions of the following keyboard key combinations: (3mks)
(a) CTRL + ESC:
(b) ALT + F4
(c) CTRL + ALT + DEL

3. Explain two ways through which data loss can be prevented on magnetic media especially hard disk. (2mks)

4. Explain portability with regard to software and hardware factors to consider when selecting a computer. (2mks)

5. (a) Explain each of the following formatting features in Microsoft Word: (2mks)
Drop Cap:

(b) State any two paragraph formatting features in Microsoft Word. (2mks)

6. List any three internet connectivity requirements. (3mks)

7. (a) State and explain one key control measure against computer viruses. (2mks)

(b) State two control measures against an unauthorized access. (2mks)

8. One classification of software is system software
(a) i. What is meant by system software (1 Mark)

ii. Give one example of system software. (1 Mark)

(b) i. Name one other software classification (1 Mark)

ii. Give one example of this type of software (1 Mark)

9. a. What do you understand by the term database management system? (DBMS)? (1 Mark)

b. Define the following terms as used in a database. (4 Marks)
i. Primary Key

ii. Record

10. Differentiate between COM ports and LPT ports (2 Marks)

11. List three factors to consider when deciding on the choice of electronic data processing method (3 Marks)

12. Ventilation is an important practice in the computer lab because it enhances proper circulation of air. Outline three ways in which air is regulated in the computer room. (3 Marks)

13. What do the following control measures against computer crime involve? (4 Marks)
a. Audit trail
b. Data encryption
c. Log files
d. Passwords

14. Highlight the use of find and replace features in word processors. (2 Marks)

15. Explain why two’s complement is preferred to one’s complement in computing. (2 mark)

16. Computers have evolved through a number of generations. List any three characteristics of the first generation of computers. (3 marks)

17. List four formatting techniques used in Ms excel (4 Marks)

18. List four examples of flat panel displays. (4 Marks)

19. Explain the following terms as used in the word processing. (8 Marks)
a. Indenting
b. Alignment
c. Footnote
d. Endnote

20. Describe the role of an operating system in (6 mrks)
i. Memory management
ii. Job scheduling
iii. Error handling


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