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Form 2 Business Studies End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: Business Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. State four circumstances under which a manufacturer would transport products using a container

2. Highlight four functions of advertising agencies in creating product awareness (4mks)

3. State four assumptions in the circular flow of National Income in a two sector economy (4mks)

4. Outline five steps that are followed when opening a ledger account (5mks)

5. Kenya anticipates attaining certain development milestones by the year 2030. State four development goals the country desires to achieve (4mks)

6. Highlight four principles that every county government must adhere to before incurring any expenditure (4mks)

7. Outline four ways of classifying goods in an economy. (4mks)

8. Highlight four reasons that would make an organization use cell phones for communication within and outside the organization. ( 4marks)

9. State four benefits of “pooling of risks” to insurance company. (4marks)

10.Outline four circumstances under which a firm may locate its operations near the source of raw materials. (4 marks)

11. Highlight four measures that the government can take to reduce mortality rate in the country. (4marks)

12. Many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia are considered as under developed. Outline four characteristics underdeveloped countries have in common. (4marks)

13. State four ways of improving service delivery in parastatals and state corporation. (4marks)

14.State four locations in a country where bonded warehouse are likely to be found. (4marks)

15. Highlight any four methods used to determine prices of goods and services in the economy (4mks)

16. Outline any four challenges that entrepreneurs face in Kenya (4mks)

17. Highlight four characteristics of free resources (4mks)

18. Give four advantages of self-employment (4mks)

19. Outline any four duties of an office receptionist (4mks)

20. Name the types of advertising that are described below (4mks)
i. Brand name and other features of the brand features more prominently –

ii. Advertising that aims at popularizing a new product –

iii. Advertising that popularizes the business organization –

iv. Used by organization that deals with similar products to convince potential customers to buy their products and not the other –

21. The demand for oranges doubled even if the price of the oranges remained the same over the same period. State four factors that may account for this. (4mks)

22. Joshua insured his vehicle against theft, later the vehicle was stolen in a packing bay. Outline the procedure he would follow when making insurance claim for his vehicle. (4mks)

23. Highlight four benefits of transporting oil from Turkana to Mombasa by pipeline. (4mks)

24. List three drawbacks of verbal communication in an organization. (3mks)

25. Identify four ways through which the government encourages establishment of industries throughout the country. (4 mks)


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