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Form 2 English End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

Question 1
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
In my previous piece, I argued that there were various obstacles or handbrakes on economic development and job creation that should be tackled along with more proactive measures. We hear a lot about creating infrastructure to pave the way for more economic activity and jobs but, we need to look at the impediments confronting economic and commercial activity. Arguably, the biggest of these is corruption, which spans the economic, social and political landscape like a colossus.
One needn't go further than the recent release of Transparency International in 2017 East Africa Bribery Index. Unsurprisingly, the highest ranked institution in the Kenyan context is the Kenya Police Service, where 69 percent of respondents said they either offered a bribe or were induced to pay one. The recent cartoon of a police officer telling the Central Bank Governor that the new Sh 50 note should carry "the images of our traffic police officers " is a cynical reminder of the reality. Other institutions where bribery in the public service is rampant are the judiciary and various land services, at 44 per cent and 41 percent; respectively. Even more depressing is that the study concluded that the size of the bribe had increased significantly. Let us go beyond the figure and remind ourselves that corruption is like a depilating disease that eats away at a country and its institutions. This, in turn, reduces the effectiveness and capacity of many of these very institutions that are in theory there to serve the people.
On a more anecdotal level, how many times have we heard people saying that they failed to ask the police to investigate some irregulatory or misdemeanor because it was largely a waste of time? Indeed, in many cases, any report that is made to the police is largely for the purpose of getting a signed and stamped abstract form. Another way to look at it is to see how much time, energy and money is diverted to paying for even the minimum of public services being funded by the taxes of the public services that are simply not delivered or are way below standard. These are often services being funded by the taxes of the very same citizenry. Purely and simply, this is negative energy and the blatant hijacking of resources, which literally should be going into more productive activities.
There is the argument that it takes two to tango and the average Kenyan is compliant enough to participate in such activities to get by. That has some truth in it, but so does the fact that it is often very difficult to get on with one's life without giving into extortion. The end result is that it reduces economic growth by a percentage point or two, which in turn, affects job creation opportunities.
The president must lead from the front and ensure that all those working for him operate in an honest and dedicated manner. Any deviance from this simple principle should be met with dismissal. This may appear an obvious thing to say but there have been too many instances where it happened later than sooner or not at all. Much more needs to be put into the method of lifestyle audits and forensic information on public servants. Section 27 (5) of the public Officers Ethics Act needs to be beefed up.
The principle of random lifestyle audits on public servants needs to become the norm. For all its weaknesses, the vetting of police officers showed the value of such exercise. We have seen a flurry of county government appointments and some questions on the suitability of several of them. This is why the audit of public officers should become more holistic preferably by an independent entity. The price paid for corruption should be made high enough so that it becomes deterrent and it should be paid by both the giver and the taker. The country faces huge challenges and hurdles, one of the greatest is corruption. We need to take steps to reduce the former so the latter is much less attractive. The dividend in terms of a more vibrant economy would be enormous.
(Adopted from Daily Nation, 21st November, 2017)
a)Identify that two differing opinions about what is hindering economic growth and job creation in Kenya.( 2 marks)
b)What effects does corruption have as highlighted in this passage? ( 3 marks)
c)Why do you think the writer mentioned the cartoon of the police officer? (2 marks)
d)Identify one image used in the passage and explain its significance. (3 marks)
e)Give one example of irony in this passage. (2 marks)
f) We need to take steps to reduce the former so the latter is much less attractive.( Rewrite beginning : Steps.................) ( 1 mark)
g)Make notes on the solutions that the writer gives to eliminate corruption. (4 marks)
h) Give the meaning of the following expressions as used in the passage:
i) Proactive
ii) Takes two to tango
iii) Deterrent.
Question 2
Read the following short story and answer the questions that follow.
One day an eagle with strong and great wings saw a lamb. He swooped and with ease grabbed the hapless animal off to its nest. A crow witnessed the deed and thought he could also do the same. So he filled with this idea, he flew into the air and came rapidly on the back of a ram intending to swoop it into the air. But he couldn't. His claws got stuck in the wool of the ram and he fluttered desperately. The ram simply rolled over and crashed it.
a)Mention four things you would do in order to capture the audience's attention before you begin to narrate this story? 4 marks)
b)Explain two ways in which you would make the narration of the last line of the story effective ( 4 marks)
c) In which six ways, would you know that the audience in this story is fully participating in the performance (6 marks)
d)How would you react to each of the following situations: ( 10 marks)
i) It is deep into the night and your neighbour is having a noisy party. You knock and they open the door.
ii)You are travelling by train . The train stops. A huge gruff man rudely steps on your shoes. He stares at you.
iii)Your little sibling has caught a lizard. She is about to put it into her mouth.
Question 3
Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow. ( 20 marks)
Let me go
Let me go, my love
Let me go to the land yonder
Without promise of when I'll return
Like a hunter I must go
For I can no longer accept a wasted life
A limited life, a life without growth.
Let me go, my love
In search of rain to water

My stunted malnourished life.
Why shoul I starve, my love
Why should I reach my horizon
Before I begin?
Give me time my love
For I must go
In search of manure to rejuvenate
Our weakened malnourished lives

I know there is water yonder
so I must go
Without promise of when I return
The voice of our people commands
And I am only a servant
An errand boy in search
Of water
so I must go, my love
I must break
This shell
( By Kimani Njogu)
a) What is the poem about? ( 4 marks)
b) Identify and explain any three figures of speech used in this poem( 6 marks)
c) Describe the character of the speaker. ( 2 marks)
d)What is the tone of this poem? ( 3 marks)
e) Explain the meaning of the following statements as used in the poem:(2 marks)
i)My stunted malnousrished life
ii).............reach my horizon
f)So Imust go, my love ( change into past tense) ( 1 mark)
g)What does the expression ' let me go ' imply ( 2 marks)
Question 4
a) Use the correct form of the words given in brackets to fill in gap in each sentence ( 3 marks)
i)He ran his hands ..........................(skill) on the keyboard.
ii)Megan is a .................................( glamour) woman.
iii).............................( pious) is a virtue encouraged among Christians.
b)Complete each of the following sentences correctly using the words in brackets. ( 2 marks)
i)If I .....................( know) her number, I would give it to you.
ii)Mwangi .................... ( begin) his project if the teacher had guided him.
c) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. ( 5 marks)
i) No I am not yet angry with you said my mother I' m just tired. (Rewrite the sentence and punctuate it correctly)
ii)Hussein Auta will not intimidated under any circumstances. ( Begin; Under .....)
iii)I am not sure who I should speak to about the matter.( Rewrite using " to whom')
iv)She was the only child. Her parents pampered her. ( Combine into one sentence using a participle.)
v)It is immoral to discriminate ............... the poor.( Fill the blank spaces with an appropriate preposition.)
d)Use the correct form of the verb given in brackets.( 3 marks)
i) Because it was raining, we were forced to ...................( hang) our clothes inside our dormitory.
ii)The journalists........................ ( seek) the president's comment yesterday.
iii) Neither the suspect nor the police .............( be ) injured in the accident.
e) Give the difference in meaning in the following pair of sentences.( 2 marks)
Swaleh's parents only talk to him on phone.
Swaleh's parents talk to him only on phone.


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