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Form 2 End of Term 3 History And Government Exam 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: History and Government

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided.
1. What is oral tradition as a source of History? (1 mark)
2. Give one characteristics of Homo Erectus. (1 mark)
3. Give two ways in which the Agrarian Revolution contributed to European expansion to Africa. (2 marks)
4. Identify the main commodity in the Trans-Atlantic trade (1 mark)
5. Identity two improvements which were made on macadamized roads in the Nineteenth century (2 marks)
6. Give one modern means of print media (2 marks)
7. Give the main use of steam power during the Industrial revolution in Europe. (1 mark)
8. Give two social functions of the ancient city of Athens in Greece. (2 marks)
9. State two functions of the Lukiiko in Buganda Kingdom during the 19th Century. (2 marks)
10. Give two advantages of screams and cries as traditional means of communication. (2 marks)
11. State two ways in which early man obtained food. (2 marks)
12. State one theory explaining the origin of agriculture. (1 mark)
13. Explain two roles of Tourages in Trans-Saharan Trade. (2 marks)
14. Identify two improvements which were made on Macadamized roads in the 19th Century. (2 marks)
15. Identify one theory that explains the origin of iron working in Africa. (1 mark)

SECTION B (45 marks)
Answer ALL from this section in the space provided
16. (a) Give five reasons why Africa is considered as the cradle of mankind. (5 marks)
(b) Describe the way of life of man during the Early Stone Age period. (10 marks)

17. (a) Give five advantages of human transport. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five disadvantages of air transport. (10 marks)

18. (a) State five functions of London as an urban centre. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five factors responsible for the growth of early urban centres in Africa. (10 marks)

SECTION C (30 marks)
Answer ALL questions from this section in the space provided
19. a) State five characteristics of a good constitution. (5marks)
b) Explain five advantages of democracy. (10marks)

20. a) State the objectives of devolution of government. (5marks)
b) Explain the relationship between National and county government. (10marks)


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