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English Paper 2 Form 4 End of Term 1 Examination 2019

Class: Form 4

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 4 End Term 1 Exams

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Exam Summary

English Paper 2 Form 4 End of Term 1 Examination 2019
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1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.(20 MARKS)
Most people believe that when someone is lying they smile more than usual, but research shows the opposite is true - they smile less. The difficulty with lying is that the subconscious mind act automatically and independently of our verbal lie, so our body language gives us away. This is why people who rarely tell lies are usually caught ,regardless of how convincing they may sound .The moment they begin to lie, their body sends out contradict signals, and these gives us a feeling that there are not telling the truth. During the lie, the sub conscious mind sends out nervous energy which appears as gestures that can contradict what was said.
Professional liars have refined their body gestures to the point where difficulty to "see " the lie and people fall for it, hook, and sinker .they do it in one of the two ways .First, they have practice what "feel" like the right gesture when they tell the lie but this only works when they have practiced telling a lot of lies over a long periods of time. Second, they reduce their gesturing so that they don’t use any positive or negative gestures while lying ,but that also hard to do
Try this single test- tell a liberate lie to someone face to face and make conscious efforts to suppress all body gestures .Even when your body gesture are suppressed , numerous small micro gestures will still be transmitted .These include facial muscular twitching ,dilation and contraction of pupils ,sweating ,flushed cheeks ,eye- blinking rate increasing from 10 blinks per minute to as many as 50 blinks per minute ,and many other micro- signals that indicates deceit. Research using slow motion cameras that show that these micro - gestures can occur within a split second and its only people such as professional interviews, salespeople and the very perceptive who can read them
It’s obvious then that to be able to lie successfully you need to have your body hidden out of sight. Police interrogation often involves placing someone on a chair in the open or placing him under these circumstances .lying is easier if you are sitting behind a desk where your body is partially hidden, or if you are peering over the fence, or from behind a closed door.
The best was to lie is over the telephone or in an email
( Adapted from body language by Allan and Barbara Pease. London: Orion,2004)

a) According to the passage, what’s the connection between lying and smiling? (2marks)

b) According to the passage, how do profession liars manage to hide their deception?(4marks)

c) The passage suggest a simple test which involves telling a deliberate lie and consciously suppressing all body gestures .what are the results?(2marks)


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